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Reference: 128


High Speed Carton Folder Gluer

Stock Type Cardboard / Up to E-Flute Corrugated / Decorated Board
Folding Capability Staight-line / Double Wall / Crash-lock / 4&6 Corner (OPTION)
Production Speed Up to 300m/min
Maximum Blank Width 800mm

No. 1 Crease Line 180deg

No. 3 Crease Line 135deg

Feeding Automatic and Continuous
Glue Type Aqueous
Glue System HHS (or can be customer stated)
Power Requirement Main Machine 15KvA / 220V / 3-Phase
Approximate Weight 6,500Kg



  1. Equipped with wireless remote control unit for ease of operation, and operator mobility.
  2. Large, full colour stacking monitor/ CCD system with touch screen setting.
  3. Individually adjustable feeder belts (vacuum feeder belts available as an OPTION).
  4. Pneumatic lifter on feeder, with patented feeding mechanism that can be easily adjusted for different blank widths.
  5. Position indicator on all carriers to ensure quick and easy adjustment.
  6. Top belt drive system in bottom fold and final fold section.  Can run either carton board or e-flute corrugated stock more accurately.
  7. Patented aluminium pressing board with fixing clips make job changeover quicker and easier for the operator.
  8. Bottom fold on both left and right upper carrier, and bottom fold on left/ middle and right upper carrier can be adjusted independently.
  9. 2 x back-fold servomotor are PLC controlled, capable of controlling the production of 4 & 6 corner boxes. Model also capable for the production of Straight-line / Lock-bottom / Double wall.  Modular options are available to adapted machine to customer’s own specifications (OPTION)
  10. Main motor, and timing belts controlled by heavy-duty inverter, supplied by industry leading manufacturer.
  11. Machine production speed of 300m/min.
  12. Upper and lower glue pots on both operator and drive side are standard, easy to remove, and clean.
  13. Adjustable pressing roller after final fold section, for varying folded blank sizes.
  14. Standard with machine is;
    1. Independent electrical cabinet
    2. Touch screen monitor setting system
    3. Volume setting 
    4. Kicker device
  15. Unique conveyor design to assist with smoother blank stacking.
  16. Full CE safety accreditation.

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