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Reference: 169


Automatic Die-Cutting Platen, with Stripping.

Maximum Sheet Size 1150mm x 840mm
Minimum Sheet Size 550mm x 400mm
Maximum Die-Cutting Paper Size 1040mm x 820mm
Minimum Gripper Margin 9.5mm
Die-Cutting Output Force 300ton
Inner Size of Cutting Chase 1276mm x 769mm
Lower Cutting Plate Size 1076mm x 850mm
Material Handling Range

0.1mm - 2mm

80gsm - 1400gsm

Corrugated Board Range < 4mm
Recommended Cutting Rule Height 23.60mm
Maximum Cycle Speed 7,500cph
Maximum Operating Speed 7,000sph
Registration Tolerance +0.075mm
Power Requirement - Foil Stamping 30KvA
Machine Outer Dimensions

L - 6146mm / W - 2314mm / H - 2100mm

Approximate Weight 18ton
Feeder Pile Height (with pallet) 1000mm
Feeder Pile Height (with non stop system) 1200mm
Feeder Pile Height (with 300mm elevation) 1500mm
Delivery Pile Height  840mm
Delivery Pile Height (with 300mm elevation option) 1140mm
Software Version V.02



  1. Full colour touch screen HMI. This self-diagnostic system is easy to operate and helpful for troubleshooting any problems throughout each section of the machine.
  2. Double axis feeder head, combined with ‘slow down’ device to ensure steady and accurate delivery of stock to front lays.
  3. Able to run a wide range of stock, from thin paper to B-flute corrugated.
  4. Sheet transport to front lays monitored and controlled by photoelectric sensors.
  5. Standard equipment includes operator and drive side push/pull side lay, monitored by micro photoelectric sensors.
  6. High Strength alloy gripper bars.
  7. Cutting pressure up to 300 tons, which can be adjusted from the HMI, with adjustment as little as 0.001mm for greater control and cutting stability.
  8. Double action stripping for maximum waste removal.
  9. Quick-Lock stripping devices (Optional)
  10. Non-stop feature in both Feeder and Delivery section.
  11. Pneumatic side joggers, controlled with machine timing, which provides easy adjustment and stable paper stack in delivery, throughout the range of stock and paper size.
  12. Full CE safety accreditation.

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